Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Effects of implementing PhotoPay into Erste mobile app

Erste bank was one of the first to implement PhotoPay mobile vision module into their mBanking app. Four years later, we spoke with Igor Strejcek, Head of Direct Channels Division about impacts on their business.
Few years ago, our first major project was adding PhotoPay into Erste Bank mobile app. Project included three parties: Erste Bank as a client, Infinum as a mobile app developer and MicroBlink. Our job was to provide a module (SDK) for fast and accurate scanning and recognition of Croatian paper bills.
Erste bank already had a mobile app, but they weren’t happy with the experience it provided for their users and decided to rebuild it from scratch.
In order to provide the best possible user experience, they decided to integrate PhotoPay into their new mBanking app to solve the biggest obstacle for their users - manual data input.
When the new app hit the market in 2010, it was a big success. This time, Erste bank users were thrilled with the app's overall usability which resulted in very positive reviews on app stores and social network comments.
Number of mBanking users / Annual number of transactions
In 2010, the bank had 15 000 of mBanking users but only 1600 transactions annually. It means that the share of mobile transactions in total numbers in terms of of customers was just around 4,6% and in terms of transactions just 0,45%.
After 3 years of the app being on the market, offering only informative functions and having low usability, shortly after photopay integration the number of mobile banking users went up by 160% - from 15 000 in 2010 to 40 000 users in 2013. What is even more important is the number of transactions: it went from 1 600 to 160 000! That is an increase of 100 times. The numbers have continued to grow and reached 375 000 transactions and 55 000 users in 2014.
With that number of transactions, their share went up from 0,45% to 13,54%, while their compound annual rate was more than 360%.

Watch to see PhotoPay in action.
The amazing success of using mobile vision in banking applications can easily be replicated in many other industries where manual data entry is required. MicroBlink’s solutions are self contained SDK’s which means that they integrate into the existing mobile apps without much effort.
To learn how mobile vision can improve your business and experience for your customers, try PhotoPay and other MicroBlink products for free at For more info, contact us on

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  1. Our first main plan Assignmentcamp was adding Pay into cell phone app. Erste bank previously had a cell phone app, except they were not pleased by the knowledge it provided for their users and determined to restructure it as of scrape.


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