Friday, August 7, 2015

PhotoMath - math education powered by mobile vision

Millions of students around the world struggle with math problems every day. With PhotoMath, they can just point their phone camera to a math problem and instantly get an answer coupled with a detailed step-by-step explanation. PhotoMath is a free educational app that helps students learn math faster (and with more joy) with the help of mobile vision technology!


At Microblink, app development is not really our core business. Our goal is to produce the world’s most advanced mobile vision modules (SDK’s) for other app developers to use as a part of their solutions. For that reason, PhotoMath is a very special project for us.

The idea started spontaneously when our CEO Damir found himself checking his kid’s homework. It wasn’t a fun task since it meant going thru all the steps by hand to find mistakes.

It was all happening in parallel with the development of BlinkOCR mobile vision technology at Microblink...

When he informally shared his problem at work, the math-crazy engineers at Microblink were thrilled with the idea of using mobile vision to solve it, seeing it as a great showcase of what mobile vision can do.

Out of curiosity, they started discussing the potential solution and soon realized that by making a math solver that reads data using a phone camera, they won’t just make a cool showcase of mobile vision, but a powerful tool for kids to learn math and have fun doing it.

After a lot of hard work, in October 2014, the PhotoMath 1.0 was ready to be presented in London at the TechCrunch Disrupt and hit the app stores shortly after.

And then it exploded! The app was downloaded over a million times in the first week! It drew a lot of attention from the popular media and the number of downloads continued to grow.

By this day, PhotoMath is downloaded by more than 20 million people around the world and often used by more than 100.000 every day. Since December 2014, PhotoMath was used to solve more than 140.000.000 math problems!

How it works?

PhotoMath uses Microblink mobile vision technology to scan any sort of printed mathematical problem or expression.

Once successfully recognized, the math problem is sent to the math solver which we also developed in-house. Solver then solves the problem in a humane-like manner so the user can follow simple solving steps shown with detailed explanations.

The whole process takes less than a second!

PhotoMath is a free app. It’s available on App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Amazon Store.

Success of PhotoMath proved how mobile vision can create fantastic customer experience and power apps that customers love to use. Whether it’s solving a math problem, user registration done by scanning of an ID or mobile payment by just scanning the payment slips it doesn’t matter. All industries can benefit from mobile vision technology!

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