Monday, November 9, 2015

Improving mobile banking apps with IBAN Scan

Today, one of the biggest obstacles for an excellent user experience in a large number of banking apps is the need for manual data input. Due to so many information that clients need to enter while making a payment, many of them use mobile banking apps only for checking account balance. But there is a solution called IBAN Scan, a mobile vision SDK that integrates into existing banking mobile apps to provide functionality for extracting IBAN in real time using a phone camera.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you wanted to make a transaction using your mobile banking app but you felt frustrated that you have to manually rewrite all of the information needed for payment? Entering IBAN can be especially frustrating while there are many numbers that you have to enter and check it a couple of times. And still we all sometimes got it wrong.

At MicroBlink we try to develop different mobile vision SDKs that can greatly improve many other apps. Our employees are usually driven by real-life problems and solving their own, hense customer frustrations. The incentive that drived us towards developing this particular SDK was the frustration that most customers have while manually entering IBANs. That is why we decided to develop an elegant and universal solution - blinkIBAN.

The idea is very simple: why not use a phone camera to scan what you would otherwise have to type-in? IBAN Scan works like this - you want to make a transaction using your mobile banking app so you just point your phone camera toward IBAN on an invoice, a contract, bank card, PDF document on your computer or another mobile device. IBAN is then scanned in real time, in just 1 or 2 seconds.

Another advantage of our SDK is validation of scanned IBAN at the moment of the scanning. IBAN has built-in control mechanisms that are included in SDK. This way you can be 100% sure that the IBAN is scanned correctly and it also saves time that you would have otherwise spend on checking the information.
IBAN Scan uses blinkOCR, a proprietary OCR engine developed by MicroBlink, specifically designed for scanning text using mobile device cameras. BlinkOCR is based on latest advancements in text recognition research area, and powers products like PhotoPay and PhotoMath, used by more than 30 million people worldwide.

On average, a programer can integrate IBAN Scan into application in only 30 minutes.  It adds only a few megabytes to the application but greatly improves the quality. With IBAN Scan, mobile banking apps customers can overcome their frustration with entering IBANs and save time while paying their bills.
Contact us if you are interested to include IBAN scanning to your app.


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