Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why realtime on-device scanning beats server based invoice scanning solutions for banks?

Rapid technological advancement is changing every aspect of everyday life. Banks and other financial institutions need to keep up with that advancement and integrate the best possible solution within their apps. In the area of scanning solutions there is a large improvement that needs to be recognized - realtime on-device scanning.

In developing  scanning SDKs for mobile banking apps most programmers rely on server based scanning solutions. The process goes as follows - customer takes a full resolution photo that is sent to the server which possesses bigger processing power. Each photo must be uploaded to the server so user-experience isn't so great and the whole process lasts too long - 15 to 20 seconds.

At MicroBlink, we developed server based invoice scanning solution PhotoPayCloud that operates as described above. But after a while we realized that potential mobile app users will probably feel frustrated that they have to wait 20 seconds in order to scan a field of an invoice. That is approximately the same amount of time that you have to spend on entering it manually. As our work is centered on solving real-life problems that customers can encounter, we developed a new SDK that scans fields of an invoice on-device in real time.

So what are the differences?

Server based scanning Real-time on device scanning
Requires fast Internet connection for uploading documents Doesn't need Internet connection (all processes completed on-device)
10-20 sec delay for user feedback Scanning is done in 1-2 seconds, immediate feedback
Complex security requirements for sending documents to processing Simpler security requirements (no documents transmitted)
Low accuracy for lower quality images Improved accuracy (customer double check conformation)
Repeating of the process if a poor image is sent No repeating — continuous process until correct result
Complex integration Very simple integration

Every financial institution that is determined to keep up with the times, needs to recognize improved technology and include it into their everyday business. So why not choose a superior solution that offers better user experience, higher level of accuracy and security, saves users time and can be easily integrated within the app?

PhotoPay is MicroBlinks' registered trademark SDK that is integrated in over 20 mobile banking apps. Contact us if you are interested to include MicroBlink SDK's in your app.

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