Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BlinkID ideal for insurance companies

BlinkID provides the functionality of extracting data from identification documents using a phone camera which makes our SDK applicable to many different situations and use cases. It can significantly improve user experience and increase frequency of the use for many different apps that require some kind of registration or personal data entry. This was recognized by the biggest Croatian mandatory pension fund AZ Fond, a part of Allianz group.

They noticed that large number of their members don’t keep track of their account balances as well as yields of their pension fund. Many just forget about the money that is taken from every paycheck they receive. In order to improve the process of reporting to their clients making it as updated and real-time as possible, AZ Fond introduced new mobile application. Members can now check their payments, account balances and earnings whenever they want via smartphone.

While creating this new communication channel, there arisen an issue with registration. When using the app for the first time, clients need to prove their identity through entering personal data. It is difficult, frustrating and prone to errors to copy all personal data using mobile phone’s keyboard. BlinkID was integrated as a solution that enables the easiest possible personal document scanning with the highest level of accuracy and speed. While everything is processed locally, on device security is at the maximum possible level and there is no need for internet connection either.

Many insurance companies today recognized the need for including mobile technologies within their communication and selling channels. Majority of insurance apps will need some kind of personal verification when signing up for the first time while they offer confidential information. For every type of registration process where there is need to enter personal information, BlinkID delivers the best user experience. Allianz AZ Fond’s new mandatory pension app beautifully demonstrates how BlinkID improves the process of registration making it fast, accurate and enjoyable.

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